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Re: Decisions, decision
« on: May 19, 2011, 02:18:19 pm »
Post your argument as to what you think Valjean will choose to do.  Will he decide to turn himself in or will he choose to keep his mouth shut and let the other man go to prison?  Be sure to back up your argument with logic, quotes from the reading, and line reference numbers.
I think that M. Madeleine will let the Champmathieu go to jail for him. I think this because in line one hundred twenty nine he says “all I have to do is leave things alone.” This leads more towards my point. During the reading it talks about how he would like this to be behind him. Form line one hundred forty six through one hundred fifty two it states and I quote “now I am safe I have no reason to be afraid it’s all over.”
   From line one hundred thirty four through one hundred forty six I quote “at this very moment I have a substitute, that a man named Champmathieu has some bad luck.” In line thirty seven I quote “sacrificing the first virtue for the security of his name.”  For these reasons I believe the M. Madeleine will let Champmathieu go to jail.
okk william we got the same idea
i agree