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Re: Decisions, decision
« on: May 19, 2011, 02:20:46 pm »
I think that Jean Valjean, or M. Madeline, will not turn himself in to Javert. I think this because he worked 19 years in the chain gang and went through all that suffering. I wouldn’t want to go back to jail ether. I think this will happen also because he said when Jean Valjean would suddenly emerge from the night and stand before him, the good and worthy citizen M. Madeleine would come forth more honored, more peaceful, and more respected than ever. This shows that when he was a criminal, people didn’t respect him. However, when he’s M. Madeline, people honor and respect him for the awesome person that he’s become.  He also said he is satisfied, he will leave me in peace,  he caught his Jean Valjean! This means that he thinks that Javert will finally leave him alone and he will not have to worry anymore. He knows that some other guy is going to jail for him so he wont have to take the pain and stress of jail again. Thats why I think that Valjean will not turn himself in.                  
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