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Re: the candle
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In line 72 it says, "A momment later he blew out his candle.  It bothered him."  No one knew his real identity.  He was in his apartment, which wouldn't be strange to anyone out that late.  So why did he blow the candle out?  Give it some thought and develop some insight into what he was going through.

He blew out the candle so that to hope that his concious could not find him. at this point in the story he is thinking just let the other guy go to jail no problem but on the inside Jean is a better man than that. he does not want his concious to find him because he knows that if he thinks about it he will see that he should go to jail seeing how it is his rightfull place to go and not Champmathieus. it was javerts mistake thinking that Cghampmathieu was jean but jean is the one supposed to be in jail so he will have a guilty concious.