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General Discussion / Re: Decisions, decision
« on: May 19, 2011, 02:29:06 pm »
This is my argument on whether I think Jean Valjean will decide to do the right thing and go back to prison, or if he let an innocent man go to prison for his mistakes . I think that he will go back to prison and let the innocent man go. I think this because it says in the passage, “What He Wanted to Keep outside Had Come In, What He Wanted to Blind Was Looking Right at Him, His Conscience. His Conscience or God.” If his conscience is looking at him in the eyes, then it must be telling him the right thing to do is the right way to go. He started asking himself many questions in the passage, here are some examples of them, “Where am I?  Am I dreaming?  What have I heard?  Is it really true that I saw this Javert, and he talked to me this way?  Who can this Champ Mathieu be?  So he looks like me, does he?  When I think that yesterday I was so calm, and so far from suspecting anything!  What was I doing yesterday at this time?  What does this incident mean?  What can I do? This was his torment.  His brain had lost the power to retain its ideas.” His conscience was taking over his mind with what to do, so he would more than likely panic like he has in some other parts in the story. An example of him panicking from the passage is this, “He felt clouds of thunder and lightning gathering above his head.  Even while listening to Javert, his first thought was to go, to run, to give himself up, to drag this Champ Mathieu out of prison, and go back in his place.” He will be panicked into doing the right thing because that’s what his conscience will tell him to do. Then after that he will listen to his conscience instead of ignoring the only option he has.
yes he was asking many questions but in lines129 he said all had to do was leave thingd alone nd in line 146 through 152 he was tlkin about how javert has caught his jean valjean nand he dosent have to worrie about  him any more.

General Discussion / Re: Decisions, decision
« on: May 19, 2011, 02:14:08 pm »
Post your argument as to what you think Valjean will choose to do.  Will he decide to turn himself in or will he choose to keep his mouth shut and let the other man go to prison?  Be sure to back up your argument with logic, quotes from the reading, and line reference numbers.
I think that M. Madeleine will let the Champmathieu go to jail for him. I think this because in line one hundred twenty nine he says “all I have to do is leave things alone.” This leads more towards my point. During the reading it talks about how he would like this to be behind him. Form line one hundred forty six through one hundred fifty two it states and I quote “now I am safe I have no reason to be afraid it’s all over.”
   From line one hundred thirty four through one hundred forty six I quote “at this very moment I have a substitute, that a man named Champmathieu has some bad luck.” In line thirty seven I quote “sacrificing the first virtue for the security of his name.”  For these reasons I believe the M. Madeleine will let Champmathieu go to jail.
okk william we got the same idea

General Discussion / Re: Decisions, decision
« on: May 19, 2011, 02:09:11 pm »
Well I think that Jean valjean or M. Madeleine is going to let Champmathieu go to prison and go on with his good old life by  the way he was speaking in the end of this section of the reading” What am I afraid of?  Why am I pondering these things?  Now I’m safe.  It’s all over” line 146 and can clearly see that he has no concern for Champmathieus well being, as jean valjean or M.Madeleine  what ever u want to call him said line 135 and 136 ” At this very moment, he had a substitute, that a man named Champmathieu had that bad luck”.

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